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Saucy Boss FSO DIAMONDS N’ FSO SAUCE Premium CBD Concentrates 3 Gram BucketOur Saucy Boss CBD concentrates are an excellent approach to getting higher doses of Cannabidiol (CBD) into your system quickly and efficiently with each use. This is because they are hemp plant extracts that are processed down into large levels of CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum Oil. CBD concentrates are fast becoming a popular consumption choice.

Smoking CBD concentrates has one of the fastest onsets of effects Get high levels of CBD per use with only a minimal amount of product needed.

These concentrates derived from hemp plants contain little to no THC, giving non-psychoactive, calming effects.

Dabbing CBD Concentrates

This can sound strange or even scary to someone who’s never done a dab before, but it doesn’t need to be! The wonderful thing about dabbing CBD concentrates is since CBD is non-psychoactive, there’s no fear of getting high. At most, you may feel the urge to take a nap, so be sure to not drive or operate heavy machinery after partaking in a CBD dab.

For those used to smoking flower products, dabbing is much easier on your lungs than smoking. You also get almost immediate effects, can easily take in high doses with minimal amounts of product used, and with dabbing you get to taste the delicious flavors of each CBD concentrate you bring home.

To start dabbing your CBD concentrates, you will need some gear. If you have a friend who is seasoned in dabbing, this would be a great time to ask them to show you how to use their setup. There are also references on the web to help you pick out your perfect rig, use it with your favorite concentrates, and how to clean it. We recommend Dab Nation for all of your dabbing supply needs. They have the largest supply of dabbing gear, perfect for finding just the right piece.

To begin dabbing your CBD concentrates you will need:

  • A dab rig or a dab nail
  • Small blow torch (if your unit doesn’t use an electronic nail)
  • Dabber (small utensil used to grab and place the concentrate)
  • CBD concentrate (like CBD Infusionz Saucy Boss or Regular Concentrates)

Simple instructions to start dabbing:

*Note – be careful when using an open flame and be sure all equipment has CBD cooled off before grabbing with your hand!

  1. Use your dabber to grab some concentrate (start small when first starting)
  2. Heat your dab nail with your torch until it starts to glow red, then allow to cool for 10 – 20 seconds
  3. Still using the dabber, place your loaded CBD concentrate onto the heated nail and start to inhale steadily
  4. Exhale

Each rig can vary, so read the instructions of your rig before starting!

Dabbing CBD concentrates is one of the fastest ways to feel the desired effects. Some people use it for stress-reduction, others for combating nausea, migraines, or a sleep aid. The FDA recently approved a purified CBD oil pharmaceutical for epilepsy treatment, and with the 2018 Farm Bill just signed into law December 2018, we should see more studies and research proving the benefits of CBD. So far we’ve seen promising results from studies done on researching CBD’s effects on a wide range of areas including chronic pain, anxiety, Parkinson’s, and Multiple Sclerosis.*

About Saucy Boss CBD Concentrates

Saucy Boss FSO DIAMONDS N’ FSO SAUCE Premium CBD Concentrates 3 Gram BucketAll Saucy Boss Concentrates are packaged in the highest quality Qube© Premium Glass Concentrate Jar with Child Resistant Lid. These specialized glass containers allow users to “dab” CBD Concentrates directly from the container.

Saucy Boss CBD Concentrates are extracted from the highest grade equipment, utilizing subcritical CO2 and cold ethanol extraction methods. Then we re-introduce steam distilled hemp and plant derived terpenes to provide the fullest most defined terpene profiles in each of our CBD concentrates.

Saucy Boss has gone above and beyond to provide our loyal consumers with the purest, most potent and enjoyable CBD concentrates. The hemp genetics also known as hemp “cultivars” chosen for Saucy Boss Concentrates have been hand selected to create the most enjoyable user experience. Thank you for trying our Saucy Boss CBD Concentrates and we know you’ll enjoy them!

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