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Join Infusionz Wholesale Broker Network!

Infusionz is looking to select a group of wholesale Brokers/Dealers across the US and Internationally to help solidify new relationships in various retail verticals that include but ARE NOT limited to: Grocery, Pharmacy, C Store, Vape, Bodega, Gas Stations, Medical, Vets, Pet Stores, Spa, Health & Wellness, Apothecary, Tattoo, Coffee, Headshops, Chiro and many more!

Please submit your application online or email us your portfolio of business and why you can help us grow!

Infusionz pays extremely competitive placement fees/commissions and even better. RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS on all accounts secured. We provide a broker/dealer agreement that will insure you’re paid each month on all business with a corresponding commission report.


In order to qualify for our Network of Broker Dealers, please make sure you have the following:


  • EXISTING relationships in retail verticals that are interested in selling CBD
  • A general understanding of hemp CBD and the marketplace in your territory
  • 1 year min experience in brokering/dealing products or services
  • Interested in leveraging your business relationships/network to generate income
  • Self motivated and willing to put in the up front work for long term commissions
  • Once the first sale is complete your only responsibility is to keep the relationship fresh and have your customer continue and buy CBD Infusionz products, no account management is necessary. Our established team of Sales Managers will run the account after the first sales is completed


The following IS NOT what the Infusionz Broker Dealer Network is


  • A MLM or pyramid scheme where you “buy” products to sell to other Consumers (you will never be asked to buy anything from Infusionz, all samples are provided free of charge)
  • A “sales job” for you to earn a salary or w2 compensation. All commissions are paid 1099 as an independent contractor and can be found in detail in our Broker/Dealer Agreement
  • Consumer sales are not what we are interested in, we’re only interested in B2B wholesale customers looking to buy large volumes of products
  • You will never be asked to hold inventory, all products are shipped direct to your wholesale customers business
  • Account Management, you will not be asked to “manage” the account on an ongoing basis. Our established team of Sales Managers will run the account after the first sales is completed.
  • We’re not available to babysit or handhold! You’ll be provided catalogs, free samples, quotes, and general information about products. The rest is on you to complete the first sale.

To learn more please submit your information!

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