CBD & Honey, The New Tasty Treat

The FDA has not evaluated these statements, and this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases or ailments. Always check with your doctor before starting this or any other supplemental routine.

One of nature’s finest gifts has just gotten better! CBD Honey mixtures have hit the market, and are a delicious way to add a regular regimen of CBD into your routine. Add it to tea, spread it on toast, or just eat it plain, it’s easy to see why this is becoming a popular.


Honey has nourished mankind for thousands of years, with history tracing back to medicinal use in ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Chinese medicine. It has become known as a powerful healing agent that also aids the immune system. When adding the benefits of honey to the benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, you have a winning combination.

As more studies and research are done, we are finding Full Spectrum CBD Oil has huge potential in many discomforts that Americans and people around the world are facing on a daily basis.

Anxiety Relief – Studies on CBD have showed promise that it is an effective tool to battle anxiety and could change the way that your brain responds to serotonin. Since CBD can decrease anxiety, it also eliminates the toll that stress takes upon the body, such as cardiovascular problems associated with stress. 
It has even been successful in trials relating to insomnia and PTSD.
Study – Rats were put through an elevated maze and given CBD. The researchers found the CBD had an anxiolytic effect (anti-anxiety effect) on the rats.
Study – Rats were given CBD and a series of tests to study the the prefrontal cortex and contextual fear. Researchers found CBD reduced the cardiovascular and behavior changes when introduced to a known stress.

Pain Management – CBD is showing huge potential with pain and inflammation. Studies have shown that even chemotherapy patients benefit from CBD. Pre-clinical studies by The National Institute of Health are investigating how CBD can help those affected by chronic pain, MS pain, spinal cord injuries, and common arthritis.
Article – This article reviews several studies and research done on the effects CBD has on pain, finding it has great promise in these areas.

Seizure Frequency Reduction – CBD is showing to help people who have epilepsy, or frequent seizures. It can reduce the frequency of the seizures, its intensity, and in some cases has eliminated the seizures altogether. It has even shown evidence to help pets living with epilepsy.
Open Label Trial – These researchers found from their study, CBD might reduce the seizure frequency and has a desirable safety profile.

Cardiovascular Health – Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America. Eating a proper diet and exercising regularly is important to maintaining a healthy heart, but Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil can help as well. CBD helps control stress, which consequently helps the entire cardiovascular system function properly. It also prevents inflammation, so your heart will thank you for that.

Double-Blind Crossover Study – This study found CBD reduced blood pressure in healthy individuals.

It’s clear to see why adding Full Spectrum CBD Honey into your daily regimen is a win-win situation! With the addition of the amazing benefits of honey, you have a delicious way to consume your CBD!

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