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Toasted Caramel Waffle Cookies CBD Isolate 250mg / 500mg / 750mg CBD - Choose Regular or PM

Toasted Caramel Waffle CBD Cookies

These waffle cookies are made from two thin layers of baked dough, with a delicious layer of caramel syrup in the middle. Yum! 25mg of CBD per treat.
  1. Pick 250mg CBD, 500mg CBD, or 750mg CBD
  2. Choose Regular or PM with Melatonin. PM options add 2.5mg Melatonin per piece.
  3. Choose Full Spectrum CBD or Broad Spectrum CBD
  • 250mg jar - 10 Waffles Cookies at 25mg CBD a piece
  • 500mg jar - 20 Waffles Cookies at 25mg CBD a piece
  • 750mg jar - 30 Waffles Cookies at 25mg CBD a piece

Watermelon Drops CBD Edibles

Watermelon Drops CBD Edibles are bursting with amazing flavor. Long lasting! Choose 100mg CBD, 200mg CBD, 600mg CBD, OR 1200mg

Watermelon Rings CBD Gummies

Watermelon Rings CBD gummies taste delicious and look amazing too! Great flavor with a sweet sugar coated exterior. Choose 100mg

Watermelon Wedges CBD Edibles

Watermelon CBD Gummies in their finest form, sliced delicious wedges of greatness! VERY popular and a top selling flavor from