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Winners announced on Friday, July 30th.

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About our Infused CBD Drinks with Electrolytes:

A blast of electrolytes mixed with our NANO water-soluble CBD all packed into a delicious, easy to travel with, CBD drink mix pack.

What’s water-soluble CBD? The short explanation: It’s small particle, easily digestible CBD. For the long explanation, read our article What is NANO water soluble CBD?
Our NANO CBD along with hydrating helping electrolytes is just what you need after activity or just long day. Mix one packet of CBD Infused Drink Mix into 16 ounces of water, or half a packet into 8 ounces of water.

One packet of our Instant CBD Drink Mix contains 25mg of NANO water-soluble CBD.
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Image of CBD Coffee included in giveaway

About our Premium CBD Coffee (regular drip):

Wake up and balance out with our delicious medium roast coffee blended with NANO water-soluble CBD. Packaged in a stay fresh container to keep it good to the last, well, you know. 😉

Another amazing product made with our small particle, NANO water-soluble CBD!
Our CBD Coffee is a smooth blend, that you can drink everyday. Medium bodied with natural sweet notes of vanilla and caramel. Ground for regular drip for use in home use drip coffee makers.

One container of 100% Arabica CBD Coffee contains 200mg of water-soluble CBD.
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