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Amazing New Hemp Companies

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Amazing New Hemp Companies

Since hemp products hit the scene a couple of years ago, it seems like every day there is a new hemp company that emerges. This post will share our five favorite new and innovative hemp companies that are carving their path in the industry. Check them out below.

DRIHP Hemp Clothing

Did you know that hemp can create eco-friendly fiber? The founders of DRIHP realized this, so they decided to use it as the foundation for their clothing company. It came at a perfect time as the fashion industry continues to be the second most polluting industry in the world.

The entire process from growing to manufacturing leaves a significantly smaller carbon footprint compared to clothing made of other materials. Hemp fabric isn’t just eco-friendly, though; it’s also durable. Hemp fiber is resistant to fading and can stand up against wear and tear.

While hemp fiber clothing isn’t anything new, the difference with DRIHP is the focus on younger generations. They decided to create a stylish, sustainable brand connected with Gen Zers and millennials alike through casual streetwear designs. They’ve been forward-thinking in terms of their marketing, too, by focusing on influencer connections.

Bella Thorne has already jumped on board as a brand ambassador and says she enjoys representing DRIHP because “Our planet’s health is so important as is its natural resources. I’m proud to align with a company that makes eco-friendly textiles.”

Green Flower Education

If there is one thing the CBD industry has proven, there is a lot of opportunity in it. Since hemp-derived products were legalized, the market has exploded. But many people don’t know how to get started in such a promising field.

CEO and founder of Green Flower Education, Max Simon, recognized this gap and wanted to help individuals get their foot into the industry. According to Simon, “We do that by producing industry-leading educational programs featuring the world’s top experts that cover every aspect of CBD today, including cultivation, extraction, compliance, and much more.”

It’s not just hopeful CBD entrepreneurs that are benefiting from their in-depth certification courses. Simon’s goal is also to understand CBD and remove the stigmas associated with it. He believes that education is the key to moving the industry forward, even as the FDA and USDA create official standards and regulations.

Green Flower Education changes all this by providing an affordable way to get thorough training in the CBD industry. Those who want to learn more about the industry can choose from different specialized areas like cultivation or business essentials. There’s also a comprehensive course that covers every course.


Who would’ve guessed there would be a time when CBD-infused tampons were a thing? Well, they will soon be thanks to Daye. The creator, Valentina Milanova, wasn’t looking to start a trendy CBD business, though. She started working on Daye to deal with the real pain behind periods.

Since these tampons are infused with CBD, they’re meant to provide relief for uncomfortable menstrual cramps, also known as dysmenorrhea. Although researchers are looking for concrete evidence of cannabidiol’s benefits, numerous studies have suggested it can assist with pain relief.

According to Milanova, she wanted to change tampons from being a generic product that women didn’t think about to something billions of women could get excited about using. Besides pain relief, subscribers can feel good knowing that the tampons are organic and fight against bacteria and infections like Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Milanova wanted to stop women from having to depend on over-the-counter painkillers every month and turn to a natural solution instead. Although Daye is relatively new already received over $5.5 million in support from investors, it got over 1,000 subscribers in the first week of launching.

Tiny Hemp Houses

The founder of Tiny Hemp Houses, John Patterson, wanted to make these homes even more sustainable by using hemp as the building material. How does it all work, though? Through an innovative material called hempcrete. Just like it sounds, it’s a hemp-derived substance, and it’s similar to concrete in strength and texture.

However, hempcrete has a lot more to offer than standard concrete ever could. Hempcrete also provides insulation, caulk, and paint in one thermal structure on top of being durable enough to act as the building blocks for a home. All of these qualities make it the perfect material for building a breathable, temperature-controlled home that will last a lifetime.

There’s more to love about Tiny Hemp Houses outside of hempcrete, though. The founder and team strive to create a sense of community. They don’t just come to build the house, but they also provide education and encourage owners to get involved in the construction process.

Sana Packaging

As more and more people are sticking to online shopping, the planet faces a packaging problem. It’s not just ecommerce that is contributing to the issue either; packaging from food, clothing, and pretty much anything is a huge factor. With more than 1.3 billion tons of plastic in the ocean alone, it’s going to take innovative companies and people to change this.

Sana Package has set out to tackle this problem by developing hemp boxes and packing materials, but their packing solutions aren’t just your average shipping containers. Sana specifically makes sustainable packaging for CBD and cannabis companies.

Their products range from hemp-based plastic preroll tubes to hemp-based paperboard for wrapping papers. On top of providing sustainable packaging, Sana ensures that every step of their production process is eco-friendly.

Sana’s mission isn’t just to provide hemp-based packaging for other hemp-based businesses but also to promote a circular economy. That’s why they value locally sourcing products, and all of their products are manufactured in the USA. This not only makes them an innovative hemp brand but an innovative brand for the future.

New Ways to Enjoy Hemp

Hemp is a versatile plant that has a lot to offer. These companies have recognized this and are introducing the world to new ways to take advantage of hemp. Keep up with our blog to stay up-to-date with the latest hemp industry developments.

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